Premiere: Thrills in +41 – Machine Dream


The twilight hours provided an escape from the harsh realities of the day; as soon as his head hit the pillow, he was free. After years of practice he’d harnessed the ability to control his dreams, dictating their direction, the decisions along the way, and from time to time, their content. During sleep, reality slipped further and further away. During sleep, the impossible became possible. 

After seeing out 2020 with a compilation that showcased the burgeoning talent the Netherlands has to offer, DJ, radio host and label boss Carista announces the first release of the year on her United Identities imprint — a debut EP from Utrecht-based DJ and producer Thrills in +41. Continuing United Identities’ mission to support emerging artists from across their home country, the three-tracker titled ‘Mind Express’ displays Thrills in +41’s innate ability to weave together dynamic rhythms, punchy drum patterns and bright synth lines, making for one hell of a weighty debut.