Premiere: Thoma Bulwer x Anna Wall – Phrasing Faces


Winter was fast approaching, turning the bright auburn and orange leaves underfoot crisp with cold. The grey landscape mirrored the expressions of the inhabitants that walked the streets. You’d be hard pressed to find a smile in these parts. Perhaps it was self-preservation, an “every man for themselves” mentality. Or maybe it was simply the turn in the weather; a sure dictator of mood in the city.

A celebration of the artists and friends who’ve worked with producer Thoma Bulwer at his TB Mastering studio in Hackney Wick, the next release on his own Parasol Culture imprint comes in V/A form, bringing together a huge line up of collaborators and affiliates. Aptly titled Wick Voyagers, the 14-track compilation showcases the sounds of the artists and their respective labels, featuring exclusive tracks from Voigtmann, Paranoid London, N-GYNN and Adam Curtain and, of course, Thoma himself alongside Anna Wall, Subb-an, Johnny Aux and Oli Silva.

Buy HERE. Artwork by Charlie Tronchot.