Premiere: Thodén – Temselaan


The robots were winning, one by one people began to disappear under the deadly cloak of night. The blackness concealed the flickering machinery which stole the world from their beds. Soon there would be little left but for an army of flashing screens and hypnotised people without purpose. An endless scroll and an endless simulation to follow suit. This was simply the beginning – who knew what lurked around the corner at the next turn? It was all a blur, a bitter dream lost to the depths of media and disarray. 

Thodén is set to release a new EP on Eyeangle records, the label run from Scotland by Liam Doc. The Manchester based producer makes a triumphant debut with a three track EP which blurs the lines between moody rave inspired melancholy, electro and unhinged vocals. It's a promising affair from one to watch. 

Listen below: