Premiere: Thodén – Specialist (Perko Remix)


He started his engine as the machine sprung into life beneath his weight. He was perched dangerously upon the bike as it roared and groaned with the might of a great beast rumbling inside. Out here in the midst of the desert there was nothing but sand and the flickering stars which glimmered in the dense black abyss which lay beyond the line of sight. The headlights of each motorcycle darted and beamed through the black highlighting the occasional shadow of onlookers in the late night. He was a specialist and soon he would zoom off into the world which lay beyond, he looked upwards and out at what might come next…

Electroménager is a new record label based out of Stuttgart having just announced the release of the first EP on the imprint. It features an assortment of driving UK techno and ambient soundscapes by Thodén who is then remixed precisely by Scottish producer Perko. 

Listen below: 

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