Premiere: Thiago Nassif – Shiu


The funny shaped creature marched prominently across the floor. It toddled back and forth between the four walls and looked surpised as it recreated the same delicately crafted route again and again. Shiu was his name, a thing of beauty which the rich had brought upon a great ship from overseas, he was far from home and very much alone amidst a kingdom of wealth, power and might. The trumpets roared in the courtyard outside as the guards marched upon the cobbles. The creature shivered up in the high tower. 

Thiago Nassif is set to release a new album on the widely praised record label, Foom. The imprint has become synonymous with quality having previously released music by the likes of Peter Zummo, Arthur Russell, NDF and more. Listen to the talents of the Brazilian maestro in collaboration with Arto Lindsay below: 

Buy the release HERE

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