Premiere: Theus Mago – Softcore In My Hardcore


The clock struck midnight as she peered around her bedroom door to check if the rest of the house were sleeping. Quietly she tiptoed down the stairs, shuddering with every creaking floorboard underfoot. Opening her front door, there he was, ready to greet her. With a quick glance over her shoulder she closed the door behind her and made her way into the night with him. She'd always played by the rules, she was never that hardcore, but when she was with him it felt different. It felt right.

Following releases from the likes of Wolfstream, Alejandro Molinari and Roe Deers, Barcelona-based Playground Records call on the talents of Duro boss Theus Mago AKA Bufi. Marking the 26th release on the label, the EP titled Softcore In My Hardcore brings three original cuts to the table, backed up by two remixes from Fairmont and Kuunde & Javier Ferreira, all of which draw influence from the electro sounds of the beginning of the century, working together pulsing bass lines, acid lines and robotic vocal snippets.