Premiere: The Junto Club – Shiviana (Khidja Remix)


As she looked out from the castle atop the hill her face glowed in the break of the day. Shiviana was a beautiful girl, an embodiment of everything that the kingdom below was not. If only all things could be as gracious as her, as delicate as the turn of her head and as gentle as the way in which her hair blew in the breeze. The clouds hung dark in the distance above the people who longed for freedom from the crown. She was but a mere princess caught up in this mess and she could do very little but gaze out on the ruin which was unfolding before her very eyes. One day things would be different. 

The Junto Club are the next in a neverending line of creativity to pour from Glasgow town. Having previously released music on Optimo they now offer up a debut appearance on the newly formed Snap Crackle & Pop record label. Listen to the Khidja remix below: 

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