Premiere: The He-Men – Yeah!


You have the power… to get some brand new sounds in your ear and have eight minutes of aural glory floating between your ears. Get ready to be very excited and exclaim 'Yeah!' whether you're on your own or surrounded by poor, innocent commuters. The upcoming Nonsense EP is the fifth release on small independent label Tone Dropout Records and it's filled with sounds you just won't be able to resist.

The He-Men sees the combined forces of Sweeney, Oki Noki and Dawl come together to create a force powerful enough to defeat Skeletor ten times over. As your mind disappears down the rabbit-hole into this mesmering world, don't forget to let your next of kin know where you're headed as it might be some time before you return. This track sees Sweeney and Oki Noki take the reigns for your other-wordly journey.

After you;

Nonsense is out on 3rd August via Tone Dropout Records.