Premiere: The Golden Filter – Restraint (Kluentah Remix)


The room was crowded with a sea of anonymous faces. Champagne flutes held high, people milled about amongst the marble columns and the huge red velvet drapes that hung from the intricately decorated ceiling. There was an air of dissonance in the room. You could feel that something was brewing. A lady clad in red tapped her glass and cleared her throat summoning eyes upon her. She could feel the intensity of their stares searing into her skin, but she didn't care much. She knew that half of the people here wanted to be her and the other half feared her. She held the power in this room. 

The Golden Filter are set to release Restraint, a mini-LP on Dischi Autunno. The entirety of the release is threaded together via 808 drum machines, with the two reworks of the title track, from Lokier and Kluentah, opting for crisp broken beat rhythms.