Premiere: The Emperor Machine – Sisco Seeker (Nein Records)


Way back when Kraftwerk invented the very first machine, they never could have dreamt of how technology would go on to overwhelm our lives and turn us all into machine-dependent drones. Actually, maybe they did exactly that but we just decided not to listen. Either way, the revolution of the machine has well and truly taken place and we'll have to just spend from now until eternity bowing down to our new electronic overlords.

The Emperor Machines, if you will.

As we seek to find new ways to worship our glorious binarian leaders, the very best thing we can do is throw ourselves head-first into the machines and see what we can make of all their fancy features. They're actually not too bad once you get to know them and there's plenty of top quality music to be heard from them thar machines. Why don't you delve in and give it a try?

Love Lick/Sisco Seeker is out on 14th September via Nein Records.