Premiere: The Checkup & Project89 – The Flying Dutchman


From corner to corner thousands of bodies were packed into the stands, rip roaring whoops and cheers were joined by choruses of chants that echoed through the air. Suddenly the whistle sounded and the mood changed. Jeers and sighs rung out from one end, enveloped by the energetic noise from the other side. As the player made his way to the penalty spot the tension in the stadium became palpable, a deafly silence spreading quickly through the stands as onlookers held their breath. This final kick of the game could change everything. 

Much like music brings people together, so does football, regardless of where you’re from. So is the case for a group of DJs and musicians based in Berlin but with roots all over the world who, for six years, have been playing at a small pitch in Kreuzberg 61. Together they’ve produced 11 tracks (of course), with each one dedicated to the producer’s football hero, compiled by coach Tristan Jong AKA Gratts and brought to life by Markus Lindner AKA Delfonic. Titled Una Vida De Barrio, after the graffiti scrawled on the wall of their football cage, the release touches on all corners of the musical pitch, from techno, deep house, disco and broken beats, created by artists like Trujillo, Harry Baldi and Nemorna. Our pick comes from the pairing of The Checkup & Project89; the track title a tip of the hat to The Flying Dutchman AKA eternal number 14 Johann Cruijff.