Premiere: The Carry Nation – As If (Justin Cudmore)


The speech was a gimmick, a joke, a fraud. As if it would make any difference in the long run. As if they wouldn't be stood in this same spot next year listening to the old tired rhetoric which had been told time and time before. That's what politics was, is rather. Nothing had changed in decades, the wheel continued to spin and we the hamsters keep on running round and round in circles shouting to get off. One day we might finally pluck up the courage to hurl ourselves from the wheel and into the abyss, until then nothing will change. 

The Carry Nation are proteges of David Mancuso and Johnny Dynell, this month sees the pair release a new EP on Batty Bass Records. It is accompanied with some fine remixes, such as this from Justin Cudmore of The Bunker & Honey Soundsystem. Listen below: 

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