Premiere: The Butcha – 99 Prince St. (Matrixxman Transhuman Mix)


The hood was a riot, the place a mess, people ran amidst chaos, wide scale civil unrest. Down deep on ninety nine Prince Street the gangs were preparing for a fight, they'd gathered their best clubs, bats and would bring their hustle to the table. They'd show them who was boss, nobody messed with Prince Street. For those who chose to venture past ninety nine they would soon find out what was buried beneath the greasy suburbs, they'd soon find trouble.

The Butcha delivers a hard cutting EP on Cuttin' Headz. However, Matrixxman steps up to deliver a coarser cut as he warps the original into his very own 'Transhuman' mix. Listen to his impression of '99 Prince St.' below:

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