Premiere: Textasy – Sub-Aquatic Rift


The sea was calm today with barely a ripple forming on the surface. As the sun hit it, the water glistened like diamonds under its hot rays. They dipped their toes in, disturbing the stillness of the waters for just a moment. Underneath the surface small fish darted out of the way, moving quickly over dark rocks and murky green seaweed. Something else caught their eye at the bottom; a bulky object, gold in colour. It looked valuable. Without hesitation they dived in, a cold blast of water hit their faces as they plunged into the depths. What lay beneath? They'd soon find out. 

Textasy's latest EP sees him take a step in a different direction. Over five tracks he travels through Drexcyian rhythms and ambient textures; an unmissable debut on London-based imprint Exotic Robotics.