Premiere: Terror Peaks – Blis


There were strange markings, sketches and drawings etched into the old brickwork. The scribbles told the story behind the people who had lived here long ago, before the rest of civilisation found out. This was once a great palace, a mysterious temple in which bliss could be found in strange spells, potions, poisons and delights. Now it was simply another place to visit with a callous gaze. What had once been a utopian vision of life, now reduced to a mere tourist hotspot and an empty faceless visitation hall. 

Terror Peaks is set to release a new EP on MOTR, a sub imprint of Slow Dance, a record label from London with which we follow with close attention. The imprint itself sits somewhere between the post punk and experimental fringes of music culture but occasionally dabbles in electronic escapades. This new EP from Terror Peaks is one such outing and sets a marker for things to come.

Listen below: