Premiere: Teleman – Starlight (C.A.R. Remix)


The clocktower loomed over the square, its huge spire casting a sinister shadow over the cobbles. The clouds overhead enveloped the night sky, masking every star that scattered its expanse. Suddenly with a deafening creak, the clock hand stopped abruptly. The time was six minutes to midnight. For just a moment there was a deathly silence, then something beautiful happened. The clouds swiftly parted and intense starlight broke through, flooding the square with glistening light. With another loud creak, the clock hand resumed its motion.  

Following the release of London-based four piece Teleman's LP, Family Of Aliens, they've recruited some of their closest friends to give the tracks the rework treatment. Among those on board are Ghost Culture and Seven Davis Jr, as well as Ransom Note family C.A.R. who applies her hazy post-punk sound and bewitching electronics to 'Starlight'.