Premiere: Techmarine Bottom Feeders – Out Of Water Out Of Time


The Techmaridians were righteous beings, but before the mutation they lived their lives like hordes of others. As land-livers, they were outcasts, overwhelmed and oppressed by the bureaucratic systems that were supposed to protect them. As Techmaridians, they were gifted new strengths and physical abilities that distinguished them from any other known species, it was as if they’d been born again. They might have been turned into bottom-feeders, but they had been united and given a purpose. Their age had been established.

‘Out Of Water Out Of Time’ comes from the Techmarine Bottom Feeders debut album, Boanerges and the Watery Deep. It’s the third instalment in their saga, as told by Paris The Black Fu and Luxus Varta. The duo use tense yet bubbling electro beats and synths, ominous pads, and haunting vocals, to tell the story of a race of beings that are forced to make the seas their home after genetically modified food mutates their DNA.