Premiere: Taylor Barrow – Cubin (Phone Home Records)


One of the most fun times in anyone's life is the day they first wrap their lips around a nice bit juicy cigar. If you're ever able to get your hands on a Cuban, and you're not too fussed about all the horrible things it'll do to your body, then why not get yourself a rowing boat and hop onto the river, cigar in hand, for a peaceful afternoon.

As your head twitches and glitches from side to side you'll become utterly enamoured with every last sound from Taylor Barrow as he takes your mind into the world of video game glory, setting yourself up for a big battle with Donkey Kong. Kids still love Donkey Kong, right? We're still topical…

Anyway, enjoy these lovely new sounds while they're fresh;

1661 is out on 14th August via Phone Home Records.