Premiere: Tarjei Nygard – Forus Echo


There was a distant rumble which could be heard from the foot of the mountain deep down below. They were about halfway up and felt the slight shudder of the rocky floor beneath their feet as the ground began to tremble slightly. Rocks began to fall and scatter within the cave, it was lucky that they managed to remain unscathed. It was a close call and a demonstration of the fierce power mother nature still held over their delicately balanced futures. A Forus echo was not something to be taken lightly by any stretch of the imagination, let alone atop a perilous peak far from the ground miles below…

Tarjei Nygard is set to release a new EP on the brilliant ESP Institute, the imprint from California by Lovefingers. The EP sees the Norwegian dig deep across a spectrum of sounds and the result is pretty incredible. Listen below: