Premiere: Tape Hiss – Shameful Indifference (Massimiliano Pagliara Remix)


The crowd had fallen into an abrupt silence. An hour ago they had been noisy and profound, vocal and prolific and loud. Now a shameful indifference had fallen hushed across the room as one by one they began to leave. The speaker had lost his way, his tired regime would not sway them anymore and soon a new leader would take his place upon the grand podium. Next, next, next please. The conveyor belt rolled onwards as the black rubber burned beneath those awaiting their chance to speak.

Tape Hiss is an up and coming producer from Brooklyn. He releases on the infamous party starters Just Jack, an EP packed with fire and energy. He is accompanied by a remix from Ostgut Ton associate Massimiliano Pagliara. Listen below: 

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