Premiere: Tamir Hassan – Guitarot (Ivan Smagghe Edit)


The phone had been ringing off the hook, from morning until evening its grating tone had pierced the air. He knew what would greet him on the other side of it, and he’d rather avoid that conversation for as long as possible. He pondered how long it would take before they came knocking on his door… Did they know where he lived? Could they track him down? He could only stave them off for so long, it would catch up with him soon enough.

It’s been a minute since Autarkic and Neil Cohen put out a release on their Age Of Self imprint. After launching in January of last year with an EP from the former, they return for round two, enlisting the talents of Tel Aviv-based producer Tamir Hassan. Having lurked in the shadows of the alternative music scene in the city, playing bass in bands like Soda Fabric and Haxxan as well as contributing to releases from Red Axes, Simple Symmetry and Age Of Self co-founder Autarkic, ‘Guitarot’ marks his first solo release as a producer. The three tracks marry his love of Indian music and shoegaze, coming complete with an edit of the title track from RSN family member Ivan Smagghe.