Premiere: Talking Drums – Under The Sky


The plane meandered slowly against a backdrop of blue, it weaved between the clouds like some sort of lost fly dancing beneath the sun. On board there were all sorts of wild and wonderful people, they were travelling to a new future overseas under the sky. Some slept, others looked out upon the view down beneath, watching as they flew forth over mountains, oceans and forests. The sky was alive with the sound of the great engines as the plane careered between time zones and into unchartered territory. 

Talking Drums have always been a firm favourite, they always tease the dancefloor with playful melodies, fantastic edits and percussive workouts and represent the fun, feel good enthusiasm which dance music should be all about in the truest sense. Their new EP features two tracks of sun kissed fun destined for good times this summer. Tip!

Listen below: