Premiere: Tai Rona – Amuka


The flowers hung out over the water, the riverbed a beautiful masquerade of bright beautiful colours which danced and glistened in the reflection of the pond. Boats moved slowly past, taking in the sights of the elegant gardens which drifted by. From time to time they could hear the echoes of birds in the trees which overlooked this special place in the outback of a country lost to the depths of time, Amuka was serene. 

Tai Rona appears on a new split compilation from Feng Shit, a sub label of Decale, designed to highlight electronic and experimental music from contemporary artists. The first release on the newly launched imprint also includes music from the likes of OKO Dj and Christian Coiffure. 

This track, called “Amuka”,  by Tai Rona is a highlight. 

Listen below: