Premiere: Tagliabue – Preascolto 2


“The source of all movement, Shiva’s dance, Gives rhythm to the universe. He dances in evil places, In sacred, He creates and preserves, Destroys and releases. We are part of this dance This eternal rhythm, And woe to us if, blinded By illusions, We detach ourselves From the dancing cosmos, This universal harmony…”

Drawing inspiration from the Progressive scene in Italy in the 90s, Milanese producer Tagliabue adds a touch of cosmic magic to his newest outing, Disco Preascolto, a three-track EP of trance-tinged rhythms and slow burning, meditative pulsations.

The release takes its name from the Italian word for introduction or initial listening, which tips the hat to the Italian DJs of the heyday who pioneered playing trance at a lower speed to warm up parties. The three productions embody these influences, blending those proggy foundations with elements of goa, tribal and leftfield to oscillate and move the body.

Buy HERE. Poem from Ruth Peel’s “The Collected poems of Ruth Peel” (Non-Aristotelian Publishing, 2012)