Premiere: Sync 24 – Drunk on Delays


Sync 24 releases his long-awaited debut LP on Cultivated Electronics.

There path for this evening was undecided, there’d been plenty of opportunities to commit to one thing or another but they preferred to play by ear. Being tied down had never been their thing. The people and the places would dictate their next move — the element of surprise kept the excitement going. If one space didn’t meet their needs they’d find somewhere else to spend the twilight hours; spontaneity always remained key.


Sync 24 has has played a central role in the UK electro scene for over two decades, be that through his Scand parties in the capital or his Cultivated Electronics label which has been home to some of the most exciting electro artists since its inception in 2007. After a slew of EPs on labels like CPU and Touchin’ Bass, as well as split collabs with the likes of Jensen Interceptor, Radioactive Man and Anthony Rother, he’s finally releasing his long-awaited debut LP ‘Inside The Microbeat’, which features tracks aimed at the dancefloor alongside leftfield cuts and vintage electronica.

The release also comes as a limited-edition version (a run of only 100 copies) with a gatefold sleeve and a 12″ canvas print of the artwork, hand-finished by award-winning animation director Will Barras, in a tote bag exclusive to this LP run.