Premiere: Susumu Yokota – Wave Drops (D.K. Remix)


The ocean was a furious, dense black under the flickering stars which bounced prominently amidst the depths of the sky up above. The boat moved at a quick pace above the rolling tide, the wave drops beneath cast a shiver up the spine of each sailor on board. They knew that this might be the last voyage they ever made. In the distance they could faintly make out the shadows of the coastline but there was little to guide the way, let alone steer them from safety. Each time the waves crashed against the rickety old beast they began to fear of going overboard. It was enough to make you cry…

Lo Recordings are set to release a new compilation featuring a spectacular array of musicians and producers. "Spaciousness" is an ambient affair channeling the crossover between traditional musical concepts and electronic fusion. Andras, Private Agenda, India Jordan and many more all feature. However, one track which struck a chord was Antinote stalwart D.K's remix of Susumu Yokota. Listen below: