Premiere: Super Drama – Exit (Angel D’lite Remix)


She ran her fingers over the course concrete, fumbling in the dim light to follow the path in front of her. She'd forgotten which way she'd come from but she could hear the throbbing pulse of music as if it were guiding her way to the exit. The vibrations grew louder as she made her way down the corridor into the smoke-filled room. This wasn't the way she'd come from but she was glad she took the wrong turn.

London-based duo and Dalston Superstore residents Super Drama return to their own label for SDR-005. Their lead track 'Exit' is stacked with a 303 acid line and crisp drum patterns with an emotional piano breakdown to ensure no dry eyes in the club. On the flip South London's Angel D'lite, FKA A Boy From Outer Space, turns Super Drama's original into a fast-paced dark trance cut that's sure to melt minds on the dance floor.