Premiere: Sumerian Fleet – Still Walking


The night was dark and cold as he continued to march between the trees. The evergreen cage was not somewhere one should seek to become lost within, it was merely a passing place for travellers and people of the night. Still walking onwards he listened to the sound of the forest all around him, the cries of wild animals moving and scuttling amidst the leaves under the glow of the dense white moon. The air was still and refreshing as it filled his nostrils. Onwards and upwards…

Sumerian Fleet is a trio made up of Alden Tyrell, Mr Pauli and Zarkoff. A supergroup of electronics of sorts if you will. The group have a new album due for release on the beloved Dark Entries this month in the form of "Pendulum". Listen to a track from the album below: 

Buy the release HERE

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