Premiere: Sully – Stripes On A Tiger Don’t Wash Away


Some had said that this land would change over the ages, however as she watched the red sun die in the distance for yet another night she noticed very little in terms of revolution. Stripes on a tiger don't wash away, much in the same way as the trees don't fall unless chopped. The wild creatures still roamed from town to town with perilous freedom, perhaps they were the last of us which were truly free. Whatever that meant anyway… She climbed into bed and closed her eyes, soon this would all be over. 

Ever the evolutionary, UK electronic music owes more than it perhaps knows to the forward thinking aspirations of Sully. As a producer he has ridden beneath the current, making music true to himself rather than hype or style. As a result he is fiercely supported by many who feel more credit should be due. He is about to release a new 10" EP on Bastakiya Tapes, listen below: 

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