Premiere: STRKTUR feat. Tatiana – Le Quai d’en Face


Just as glaciers heave towards their destiny in slow time, the ship entered the harbour. It’s countless thousands of tons gently docked, and its microbial passengers transmitted onto land. There it waited in silent gravity, expressing weight and weightlessness in one floating gesture. Can we truly fathom the scales of this leviathan?

If Strktur’s first three releases were made for the main room, then his latest album would surely soundtrack the dark room. He leaves behind the grandiosity of his early techno productions to discover a cosmopolitan coldwave swagger on Hors Série, his first LP. Sitting moodily amongst nine other superb tracks of ice-cool electro, ‘Le Quai d’en Face’ is a leanly arranged cut of austere synth-pop that eschews complexity in favour of a cut-throat groove. Importantly, he cuts ties with Nashton Records, Trau Mar and Airsound Records to self-release the LP on his own Bandcamp, structuring a new identity.