Premiere: Stranded – Call Waiting


The mid-morning sun illuminated the dust particles floating gently in front of the open window. The way each particle slowly drifted added a certain stillness to the atmosphere. It felt tranquil, but tranquillity was so easily and quickly disturbed. The slightest breeze could sabotage the idle nature of these levitating particles, causing them to fly around in chaos and confusion, before eventually returning to their peaceful state.

‘Call Waiting’ is the opening track from Stranded’s new self-released EP, Long Dusk. A strong disco beat drives the song, as dissonant synths stab in between the reverb-drenched vocals and funky plucked guitars. Marking his sophomore release following his debut EP Celine’s Dilemma, which came out in 2018 on Optimo Music, Long Dusk is inspired by road trips through the American countryside, made amidst the artist’s move from Nashville to Atlanta.