Premiere: Stl – Wrong (Mutual Friend Recordings)


Ever heard someone use the phrase 'it feels so good, it must be wrong', or similarly written phrases? Why can't we live in a world where, when we experience something excellent, we feel very right about it and there's not a drop of guilt in our veins. That being said, the things that we seem to enjoy most in this world always seem to be bad for us – whether this be sweets, alcohol or rubbing the belly of a stranger's cat.

One more thing to add to the list of things that are wrong but feel oh so right is 'Wrong', yep, the new sounds from mysterious hardware tinkerer Stephan 'STL' Laubner. Delve into these sounds, safe in the knowledge that they'll be doing nothing wrong to your mind, body or soul – this feels good and is very right indeed;

Listen Up! is out on 5th October via Mutual Friend Recordings.