Premiere: Stiletti-Ana – Waiting For EMP


Online shopping had become her vice, or perhaps you could call it an addiction. Every day an influx of parcels in all manner of shapes and sizes arrived at the door, it was a wonder she could find any room to house them. Clothes and paintings to ornaments and records; the number of materialistic goods that littered each room far outweighed the depths of her purse. But she enjoyed the anticipation, there was nothing like waiting for that next arrival.

Gothenburg’s Höga Nord Rekords add to their ever-growing catalogue of mind-expanding sonics with a solo album ‘I’m An Arpeggiator’ from Stiletti-Ana, who makes up part of hazy electronic duo Jesse. There are nods to the sound and production characteristics of Jesse’s work across the LP, but it’s imbued with mysterious, ancient atmospheres, influenced by the Babylonian fishing god, Dagan, realised through the Finnish producer’s huge collection of vintage synthesizers.