Premiere: Stijn Sadée – Dynamite Fishing


The river was the only route out of the city. It stretched for miles and miles, ebbing and flowing with the breeze that carried it along. Dark green leaves and sprawling branches formed a canopy over the water, protecting this natural place from prying eyes. It felt peaceful, a place for escaping the stresses of city life. In fact, this river held many secrets, stories that would make your hair stand on end. Its beauty was simply a facade…

Next up on XXX, the Dutch label run by DJ and producr SHMLSS, is good friend and Bordello A Parigi alumni Stijn Sadée. After two contributions to earlier releases for the label, he's now set to release his first original EP on the label, which features a remix from Smala boss Manfredas that they locked in after the Lithuanian producer saw Stijn play live last year. The aesthetics of the label are down to Stijn's brother Thomas who worked closely with him to create something that fitted with the music and his influences.