Premiere: Stevie R & Parisinos – Posh Sabo


The doors were closed, the locks tightly bolted. He checked his watch, “8:55”, he knew he’d made it here in good time, why had he been left out? He could smell foul play. There were several people vying for this opportunity, and he wouldn’t put it past a couple of them to sabotage others to make sure it was theirs. But two could play that game he thought to himself, as he happened upon an open window round the corner…

Motek welcome close friend and Inside Out Records regular Stevie R back to the label following his ATOMS release in 2018. This time he teams up with frequent collaborator Parisinos for a collection of breakbeat and electro cuts laced with their signature Anatolian touch. Backed up by remixes from electro pioneer Carl Finlow and Motek’s own DelFin, the original track matches live instrumentation and electronic production, luring you in with its mysterious vocal chants, crunchy guitar and crisp percussion, wrapped up in a reverb.