Premiere: Stano – Seance Of A Kondalike


There was a small revival of people who had left from the big city to embrace the far and distant future of the countryside. Wild and free they danced beside fires under the pale glow of the moonlight by standing stones which had arrived long before their time. They told stories late into the night, tall tales from the depths of their past in the big haunting city of lights which they had left so long behind. It was not a place which they would ever return, why would they dream of such a lifestyle when they had the world at their feet amidst the green?

All City Records are set to reissue a highly sought after post punk record from the depths of Irish obscurity. Stano's "Content To Write In I Dine Weathercraft" has fetched a pretty penny on Discogs across the years, This track features Michael O'Shea. Listen below: