Premiere: Son Milton – Capybara


Moving through the jungle he began to notice all sorts of strange creatures and wildlife all around. It was as if he had touched down upon a distant planet for he had never seen such dense greenery and so many magnificent animals in one place. He'd been told that this was a place of bewilderment and intrigue – one in which odd things moved in the dark and organisms grew with a flurry and a fright. The weather was hot and bothersome but he cared little – he was simply overwhelmed by that which lay beyond the next tree. A Capybara stared back at him with an intricate gaze, he flinched. 

Son Milton is set to release a new EP on the recently formed imprint No Shallow Pool – the Scottish label has been long in the tooth but has finally meandered its way to the light as they describe the rationale behind the debut EP. 

"I’ve known Son Milton a long time. He's a couple year's older than me. He came of age in the rave era, sneaking in to Awesome 101 as a fresh faced 14 year old to catch Joey Beltram. You see he's always been a man of taste and from that he quickly gravitated to the raw sounds of Detroit and Chicago; UR, Relief, Cajual. The thing is, no one told him to do that. You need to know that no one in the wee town we grew up in was in to those sounds – he grew up in a council flat in a tough bit of town. No one clued him in to it, he got clued up himself. He was just compelled towards it. The music was him, he was the music and it’s been that way ever since."

Listen below: 

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