Premiere: Sombra y Luz – Sueño Almohade (Richard Fribert Rework)


Perhaps it was laziness, or simply a lack of interest but generally they took what they saw at face value, unwilling to dig that little bit deeper to find out the real truth. That would be their downfall, they only cared about what was on the surface, when really there was so much more to learn and understand. If only they interrogated the veracity a little more, their knowledge would be so much richer.

For their inaugural release, newly launched label Quartier Groove are harking back to 80s and 90s Spain, uncovering overlooked musical gems and breathing new life into them. In contrast to much of the contemporary digger and edit scene, label founders Richard Fribert and MOQST have worked hard to track down the original artists and fully license both cuts to ensure that they’re properly spotlighting the artists and material.


Tired of seeing producers taking credit for digital edits of forgotten tracks, their hope with the project as a whole is to open up the discussion around mindfulness when releasing old and obscure music, including the use of sampling, fair remuneration for the original artists and a new approach from big record labels.

On the first instalment, ‘Ritmo Del Barrio’, they unearth a 1989 hip-house one-hit wonder which gets a dancefloor-focused flip from TYU, while on the B-Side label co-founder Richard Fribert offers his take on the experimental electronic rumba of Sombra y Luz, morphing it into a powerful hi-NRG club weapon.