Premiere: Solution 99 – Deep Inside


"As she swam alone through the inky depths, with only a small torch to guide her, she thought she noticed a gentle twinkling light somewhere towards the periphery of her vision. It disappeared as quickly as it had arrived, but she knew better than to ignore her instincts, and changed direction with a deft kick. Soon she was able to make out a a whole canopy of pulsing luminescence floating above her – finally, the rare jellyfish she had spent a whole month trying to locate had decided to make their presence known."

Young Detroit producer Robbie Brandon is gearing up for his next release! He's been making music for six years, but this is only his second release under the Solution 99 alias. 'Deep Inside' doesn't pull any punches – how could you afford to with a name like that? – and aims straight for the stars with yearning synths, rumbling bass and a soulful diva vocal. Listen below:

Deep Inside is out 11th May via Chill Music, pre-order it here.

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