Premiere: Soldal & Circuit 900 – Away (Ballo Remix)


The clouds floated by slowly, he watched them from the top of the hill as they moved over the city and outwards towards the sea. Up here he was far away from the rushing, the hectic haze of the city fog in which there was little time to think or catch a breath. Soon it would be time to wander back down the hillside and into town but for now he a was happy to take a quiet moment away from it all, far away. 

HTS are set to release a collection of remixes of Soldal & Circuit 900’s ‘Materia’ EP. They’ve drafted in some forward thinking producers to rework the material and are set to release the collection on the 2nd of April next month. Our highlight came in the form of Ballo’s alternate version of “Away”. 

Listen below: