Premiere: Sobek – Cuarantena Furiosa


The road was clear, only the hazy orange of the street lights illuminated the long stretch of tarmac that seemed to continue forever. This had become the regular meeting place for thrill seeking drivers; nobody used this road anymore, especially at this time of night. Slowly but surely cars began to arrive, pulling up to the starting line one-by-one. As the clock approached the hour, keys were stuck in the ignition, seatbelts were fastened; the road ahead was theirs.

Hot on the heels of Hanzo and Yaman & Macaulay’s recent EPs, Mexican imprint Duro keep their foot firmly on the gas with a new outing, this time from Chapter 24 and Moblack alumni Sobek. Made up of four tracks, ‘Monza’ is a whirring fusion of revving synthesis and hypnotic percussion, including our pick ‘Cuarantena Furiosa’ which sets the pace with metallic grooves, low rumbling bass and soaring synths.