Premiere: Snecker – Mandemic feat. Captain Comatose (Romain FX Remix)

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nd_baumecker and Snax join forces on Freeride Millenium.


The room was dark, only lit by flickering candles that lined the walls. The place was like a maze with little corners and crevices you could get lost in, it could become impossible to find your way out. There were little rules, but those who came respected one another; they looked out for one another. But ultimately, down here below the surface freedom reined supreme…


Snecker is the coming together of Berghain resident and Barker collaborator nd_baumecker and Random Records boss, musician and singer Snax. After releasing remixes and bootlegs together, the pair embark on their first release ‘Mandemic’, which is built around the concept of “what it might be like if / when our world’s current situation became eroticised, perhaps even evolving into a queer sex party.” Enlisting the help of Khan, the other half of Snax’s duo Captain Comatose, the pair lace the pulsing house rhythms and acid lines with sensual vocals, which get reworked on the flip by DJ, songwriter and illustrator Pete Ellison and Fauve Records founder Romain FX.


Mandemic is out now on Freeride Millenium.