Premiere: Smagghe & Cross – Paradiso


The distant island was vanishing beyond the range of sight. It was a hypnotic paradise upon which they had spent an eternity, however, now it was time to go. The raging waters swarmed murkily around their tiny shell of a boat. "Paradiso" was the cry as the waters rose ominously around them. The wooden frame shook violently as they huddled together, this was to be the end of island life and their voyage may offer precious little respite from the crushing storm. "Paradiso" was the cry.

It is with some delight that we are now able to bring you an exclusive premiere of a new track on Ransom Note Records. This one has already received wide scale support and critical acclaim with sales moving very fast indeed. Smagghe and Cross take us on a tour of 'Paradiso" accompanied by the vocals of David Junto & Emily Evans. Listen below: 

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