Premiere: SLG – Hello Utopia


As the last sliver of the sun disappeared behind the mountains a bitter cold pierced the air sending shivers through the town. They didn't see much sun here; the days were short and the nights continued to be long, cold and dark. Despite this reality those who lived there remained full of hope. Every day they dreamed of a perfect place in which they could exist, somewhere far from the place they knew as home. A utopian paradise amidst the darkness of the real world.

The second release from freshly founded imprint Dom Trojga continues their mission to represent Eastern Europe's rich underground music scene. The V/A entitled Domownicy Różnoracy Cz. 1 brings together artists from Poland and Ukraine including designer and sound artist Poly Chain, a collaboration between Ukrainian synth wizard Bejenec and Jaxe who launched the imprint, rounded off with two tracks from Łódź producer SLG and label head Eltron, who together perform as Seltron 400. SLG's track is our pick, which he describes as his waking dream about Boards of Canada and Drexciya collaborating, as well as a reflection on the need for more utopian music in today's dystopian world.