Premiere: Sizike – Night Club


The week had dragged on like never before, leaving little time to think or process anything. She watched the hands on the clock intensely and wished the time would melt away. Friday had finally arrived and tonight she was going to let off steam. She'd been thinking about it since that first spreadsheet she'd filled in on Monday morning. They were going to the best spot in town, where you could completely lose yourself and forget the outside world. If you really wanted to escape, that was the only place. There, worries didn't exist. At least until Monday morning rolled round again… 

Three years after Discom – a label with a mission to unearth lost sounds from former Yugoslavia – released a colection of tracks from oddball queens Sizike, they happened upon another archive of music the band made for the UK market between 1985 and 1986. All previously unreleased, Night Club features nine tracks of Hi-NRG, synth-pop and italo disco that marked a forgotten era of music from the country.