Premiere: Sin Maldita – Wildfire Choir


The flames burned brightly, spitting out orange embers as they crackled and hissed abrasively. She’d taken to setting fires in the garden each evening; she called it her daily purge. In silence she would sit cross-legged staring directly into the flames, sometimes for hours and hours until the flames dwindled and a pile of ash would take its place. What ran through her head during these rituals nobody knew, as long as they continued to be confined to her thoughts and not turned into actions…

Sin Maldita is the new moniker of Berlin-based producer and Amnesia Scanner collaborator Tim Roth, also known for his work under 1K Flowers. His debut album, You’re Trouble, dances on the fringes of beauty and chaos, creating a striking juxtaposition of jagged, abrasive rhythms with serene and harmonic atmospheres and chords. Seemingly defying genre and boundary, his androgynous take on avant-gard pop blended with elements of experimental club music urges you to listen and examine, and to “find relief in imperfection and the in-between”.