Premiere: Simple Symmetry – Out Of Body Experience


Otherworldly sounds pulsed from different structures around the huge field, each housing their own unique sonics, decor and crowd. Throughout the night people journeyed around these spaces, hoping that whatever lay inside would reinvigorate or relax their mind and body. By dawn, the effects of the night had taken their toll, and bodies had become spirits floating in the air, far above solid ground…

2013 marked Moscow duo Simple Symmetry’s first musical outing, and since they’ve notched up eight more EPs for labels like Disco Halal, Low Budget Family and XXX. Now, following three years of blood, sweat and tears, they’re putting out their first long player ‘Sorry! We Did Something Wrong’ into the world.

Made up of 11 tracks, the album signals a different and more expansive sound than their previous efforts. They pull from a host of different eras and influences—there’s nods to early and mid 90s artists like Weatherall, Death In Vegas and St Etienne, while at other moments they dive into 60s and 70s grooves, licks and harmonies à la Beach Boys and The Monkees. Crafting their own singular sound world, full of colourful and psychedelic sonics bursting with flutes, cello, synths, sitar, guitars and percussion, the pair have made a wonderful record that is “a tonic for these uncertain times”.

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