Premiere: Simone Gatto & Haiku – Mittagwachs (Raw Waxes)


It's Sunday night, there's nothing on the TV because the latest series of Dragon's Den has finished and you're running out of time before heading back to the office tomorrow morning so you want something to get you through the last few throws of the weekend. You NEED something to be able to brag about to your co-workers in the morning to let them know that you're as cool as Top Cat with all the fashion skills of Mr Benn.

Maybe you should try impressing them with your knowledge of these new sounds from Simone Gatto & Haiku as, unless they too are avid R$N readers, you'll be ahead of the curve on this one because you knew the right thing to do was frantically sit at home refreshing the homepage in the hope that you could be the very first person to listen to every last drop of sound. That's right, we've been watching you.

That's how we know you're going to enjoy this – and how we know that you're glad we didn't just try writing this whole thing in haikus, because we very nearly did;

Sonntagnacht is out on 28th September via Raw Waxes.