Premiere: Siinai – Ananda


"After a long hibernation, we have risen like Lazarus from the grave. Ananda is a song that projects the feeling of first bursts of light into the depressing, murderous Finnish Kaamos. It's like riding a southbound train from Lapland into the light, into life, into bliss."

Siinai, there, accurately describing the 11-minute epic track that you've clicked your way into. The band are about to kick off a four night tour of the UK, beginning tonight (5th May) in London before they spend the next three nights in Bristol, Liverpool and Manchester respectively.

So why not indulge yourself in a track so long and enthralling that by the time you reach the end your tea will have gone cold.

Best put another brew on…

See Siinai live at the following date/place combinations:

5th May – London – The Waiting Room
6th May – Bristol – Start The Bus
7th May  – Liverpool – Kazimier Garden
8th May – Manchester – Soup Kitchen