Premiere: Sierra Moreno – Alarma


The day had been hot and sticky, the thick humidity making it very difficult to breath. This was always the case in the depths of the jungle, the inhabitants had become used to the sweltering heat. Should it become cooler, then they would have cause for alarm. Here, they existed harmoniously, ostricised from society but by their own choice. The jungles simple offerings were all they needed to thrive, they had learnt the ways of life and now nowhere had ever felt more like home.   

Italian label Ivreatronic celebrate their second birthday with an anniversary compilation including many artists central to their growth as a collective. The VA includes the likes of Fabio Fabio, Bitch Volley and Enea Pascal, who across ten tracks blend techno, afro and Balearic for a totally fresh sound. Alongside their DJ and production pursuits, they throw regular parties in their home of Ivrea: often illegal, always crazy.